Well after spending 12 days with my parents I ran off to Prague to celebrate the one and only Allison Weisman’s 21st birthday! A bunch of us met up in Prague for the festivities of a lifetime.

Wednesday April 11th: We all landed and checked into the Best Western hotel. A fabulous hotel with a beautiful suite and a comfy bed. Couldn’t be happier. Allison, Jamie, Liz and Ilyse’s friend Sloan came to the hotel to pregame with us before going out. We all caught up, hung out and then went to the bar James Dean. We saw a ton of people from Wisco and then came back to the hotel when Chloe attempted to order room service (there was none…) and call pizza delivery places in Prague, success.

Thursday April 12th: Chloe and I woke up at 9:15am so we could make it in time for the complementary breakfast in the hotel. We went downstairs in our pajamas and had a great spread of food, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggs, pastries, orange juice, bacon, etc and then we went back upstairs to go back to sleep for a few hours. We finally woke up for the day and everyone met us at the hotel and we went to Cafe Savoy for lunch. I had scrambled eggs and bacon and everyone had some random pea soup or carrot soup thing, not my thaaang. We then walked around and went to the fair, saw some children dancing, the astronomical clock and had some chocolate covered waffles for a snack. We went to Allison’s to hang out before having an early dinner at Artisan. We went back to Allison’s to pregmae before going out and then went to Karlovy a 5 story club and danced the night away.

Friday April 13th: Friday the 13th, lucky or unlucky? We woke up early again (Sophie and Emily joined today) for complimentary breakfast in the hotel, so delicious. We went back to sleep until 2 and then went to Bohemia Bagel for lunch. Allison and I split a hummus plate and then got a chicken caesar salad on a bagel. We then went to get some exciting boxed iced coffee (who knew it was going to be so good) and then we went to the Lennon wall. We took ton of pictures at Lennon Wall and signed our names and quotes on the wall. We stopped at Starbucks and relaxed for a while before going to see the castle and another early dinner at Wigwam. After dinner we napped at the hotel for a few hours before going to beer factory for drinks and Lucerna a club with all 80’s and 90’s jams. Yep, we danced all night, the YMCA, cotton eyed joe, Spice girls, Backstreet boys, and more. Bat Mitzvah 2.0.

Saturday April 14th: We woke up really late, a nice 2pm and went to Allison’s apartment before going to stalk the bachelorette which was being filmed in Prague. We found Emily Maynard and one of the top 5 at the Lennon wall and watched them talk awkwardly with no chemistry and paint a sailboat on the lennon wall, however Emily is absolutely stunning and was rocking a very cute outfit. We hung out with the crew before getting lunch at Bohemia Bagel (again), this time a tuna melt on a bagel and then to pick up a birthday cake for Allison at Bake Shop. We picked out a very cute chocolate sprinkle funfetti cake and then went back to Allison’s before a birthday dinner. We ended up going to Italian for dinner (obvi not as good as the real deal) and I opted for soup and salad instead of pasta since I knew I would be disappointed. We went back to the hotel and then back to Allison’s for birthday festivities and to celebrate.

Sunday April 15th: Allison’s 21st Birthday (and Alex’s 27th!!). We woke up and again had breakfast at the hotel before packing up and checking out all dying from the night before. We chilled in the lobby of our hotel for over an hour before going to the airport and getting some delicious subway. The Subway sandwich maker was pissed at Chloe for taking too long to choose her toppings and proceeded to yell at her and mumble under his breath about it for about 10 minutes. Crazy. Oh Czech people, this would never happen in America. We boarded the plane to head back to Roma and finally made it. However, I was stuck in the window seat with an Italian next to me who wouldn’t stop annoying me and reading over my shoulder and pointing at the magazine I was reading. Mid-flight he got up and started clapping with his friends and never came back to the seat, okaay? Him and his school trip that he was on all clapped and sang when the flight landed for a good 10 minutes, I wanted to kill them all. We had ordered a car back to our apartment since there was 7 of us and when we finally made it back Ilyse and I had our normal Sunday night routine of Insalata Ricca and fro-yo, perfection.

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That’s all for now!




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